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Today, many companies are experiencing two contrary tendencies: on one hand, experience is playing an increasingly important part in our highly specialised world; on the other hand, it is more and more difficult to find suitable experts.
This is where REINSTEIN comes in. With our network of specialists we can provide our clients with exactly the expertise they need for their particular project.

Being an expert, you not only apply your extensive experience to the projects but benefit yourself in many ways:

  • You can put your strengths and skills to good use in challenging large-scale power plant / industrial plant construction projects.
  • You work on projects that meet your personal interests.
  • You work productively and can set great things in motion.
  • Your remuneration is in line with market rates.
  • You can expect high contractual security.

For our experts REINSTEIN are far more than project agents; we provide continuous assistance through all stages of the project.

REINSTEIN is continually expanding its network by recruiting experts who have already reached retirement age as well as experienced specialists in the middle of their career. We’d like to hear from you!